Thursday, October 28, 2010

Warm and Spicy: Comfort Foods of Autumn

After Summer, Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year (except that it leads to Winter which I am really not a big fan of).  Besides the gorgeous colours, the crisp cool air, the perfect outdoor running weather (except for the rain) it also reminds me of the hearty, warm and spicy home cooked meals.

Such as my roasted root vegetables dish (pictured above) which was made for my family, a recipe from my 500 Vegan Recipes cook book.  It was delicious and simple to make.  Simply chop up sweet potato, onion, carrots and fennel, toss in olive oil and add some spices like sea salt, pepper, rosemary, oregano and/or basil.

One of my favourite all time spices is cinnamon. Besides its many health benefits, it's one of the best spices I've found that is great for anything sweet or savoury, for baking or cooking, for food or drinks - it's really a miracle spice in my opinion, that goes with pretty much anything!  It's a perfect spice for Autumn culinary delights like vegan cinnamon bread ...

I got the recipe for this wonderfully sweet bread from 500 Vegan Recipes cook book.  It's sweet and spicy and pretty good for you in that it's doesn't take too much sugar and is made with spelt flour.  I think I even added less sugar then it called for, to bring out the cinnamon.  It was a delight after dinner with the family.

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