Thursday, November 25, 2010

When the Moon Hits Your Eye ...

Like a big pizza pie ... party! Having friends over for make-your-own pizza night, some beers and board games, who could ask for anything better on a cool November night.

I am breaking my rule in showing off my cupcake pizza here - that is, a sweet, candy and chocolate filled pizza made out of vegan vanilla cupcakes.


The cupcakes are vegan but most of the toppings are not, the icing is white fluffy icing (which technically is vegan but also store-bought so who knows); covered in white chocolate "cheese", green licorice "peppers," red fondant "pepperoni" and  toffee pieces as "bacon bits."

As for the pizzas themselves ... the base choices were: potato, wheat pita or white dough with many more topping options to go around.

Two potato pizzas: (left) pesto, spinach, spices and vegan "chicken"; (right) BBQ sauce, black olives, carrot, sundried tomato and spices.

Sonya's personal pizza: white dough, cheese, green onion, black olives, sundried tomato and prosciutto.

Sasa and Karin brought their own amaizng pizza, looked and smelled amazing - very cheesy and meaty - I didn't eat any.

More potato pizzas!

Mike's left over pizza ... pepperoni and bread crumbs gallore.

A few toppings here sprawled out on the table with  labels and all - everyone loved the setup.  The walls were covered with pictures of famous people eating pizza, the living area a pizza buffet and the sitting area for eating and games.

Anyone craving pizza now?



Char said...

omg a cupcake pizza?? you're amazing!! :D

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