Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birthday Dinner: Surprise, it's Vegan!

I love being part of my big family dinners especially now that I can contribute my experimental vegan dishes - well not so much experimental as they are brand new to me and to my family.  As I slowly plow through my many vegan recipes and cookbook I share with you two recent recipes.  One I loved and have already made twice and the other I liked but for the amount of work that was put into it, I will likely never make again!

Quinoa Pilaf
(Original recipe from 500 Vegan Recipes)

Cooked quinoa with shredded carrots, slivered almonds, chopped dates, olive oil, lemon juice with spices like cayenne pepper, turmeric, cumin, and salt, with a bit of shredded ginger root for an intense spicy flavour. I have it served here with a small side of roasted carrots and sweet potatoes.

Mediterranean Spring Rolls 
(Original recipe from 500 Vegan Recipes) ... Stuffed with tofu, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and spices - really pretty simple stuffing, very annoyingly difficult herb doug!


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