Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swap 'til you Drop!

Last weekend I hosted my first ever swap / brunch with the girls and it was such a success I'm already planning the next one, which will likely coincide with Spring cleaning. Every one who attended had a great time and left with some great finds.

A swap party is a fantastic excuse to clean out your closest and drawers to bring anything from clothes and accessories to kitchen and housewares, books, games, toys, everything goes and it's a great way to exchange your stuff with others!  It's free - like you've just gone shopping without spending the money, environmentally friendly because there's little waste and everything that didn't get swept up in the chaos was donated to charity (6 large bags to be exact).

The party was also a brunch, which I did my best to cook and/or bake everything myself and it was completely vegan.  Around the table we have: a veggie platter, fruit platter, fresh made coffee, mini lemon cupcakes, a salad, Banana-Cashew Balls, Chipotle Chickpea Dip, Black and Gold Salsa, Baba Ganoush, and organic store-bought salsa.

The Bean salsa was the most popular next to the Baba Ganoush, best served with blue corn and yellow corn tortilla chips which were also served.

My bachelor apartment was quite a small space to hold the party we managed and were able to fit quite a lot of stuff in the small space we have to work with.  Here's an example table - the designated bathroom and accessories table.

By the end there were pretty much clothes and stuff every where and no corner was left uncovered! At least I was happy that everyone had a great time including myself ... and maybe my dog Scarlet, she definitely loved the attention but with all the excitement I'm pretty sure she thought we were all nuts!

These ladies are nuts!


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