Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Tip 16: Let Your Fingers Do the Walking - Online!

Paper phone books are just a fancier version of  junk mail!  These days, with the Internet and Google and with nearly every business now having their own website, do we really need the wasted paper phone directory books anymore?


You can call to stop your phone book delivery and use an online directory instead. Some estimate that telephone books make up almost ten percent of waste at dump sites. And if you still receive the book, don't forget to recycle your old volumes.

Here are just a few very awesome ways some people have recycled the ol' phone book (I could have spent all day finding these images, are some of them are amazing):

    3D Carved Portraits (from phone books!)
     Recycled Phone Book Bags ... no, really!

    I actually kind of love this ... Recycled phone Book Gown

    Building made from 7000 Recycled Phone Books


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