Friday, March 4, 2011

Green Tip 3: Reusing is Better, that's Glassy!


As great and fantastic as recycling is ultimately it's not the best solution.  Reducing is by far a bigger priority these days, so is reusing - if we all did these two things alone then we wouldn't waste as much or have to rely so much on recycling.  Remember it still takes energy to recycle all our stuff and so much of what we throw away never actual gets recycled! 

Recycled glass reduces related air pollution by 20 percent and related water pollution by 50 percent. If it isn't recycled it can take a million years to decompose.

I say ...RECYCLE REUSE GLASS JARS ... and here are some tips on how:

  • I like to reuse the glass jars I buy (such as pickle or sauce jars) to store my dried foods and grains.
  •  As the picture shows you above, you can reuse glass jars to make pretty candle holders, perfect for a summer night outdoors
  • Use glass jars to store office supplies like pens, pencils and markers at your desk
  • Glass jars can be used to organize toiletries in the bathroom, kids arts supplies or collections.

  • Various sized glass jars make for a stunning dinner party center piece or as water vases for your flowers at home

  • Create memory jars for friends and familys as gifts with glass jars.
  • Use glass jars as gifts, fill them with cookies or candies or other sweet treats for friends and family. 
  • A friend of mine even uses her reused glass jars as a cup to drink or tea but this is by far one of the coolest ways I've seen glass bottles being reused:

    images sources: Home Quotient, Nature Moms and Shelterrific


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