Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green Tip 9: Second is Often Best

Derick Melander's Massive Second-hand Clothing Sculptures
I stumbled upon this photo in my google search.  Derick Melander's work is so interesting, he creates these massive sculptures from second-hand clothing to "bring attention to the large amount of textile waste that is generated daily." The clothing is usually donated after the fact.


I think about 95% of the stuff I buy now is second-hand these days unless it comes to running shoes or other sports items that I like to buy new.  As for clothing I love Value Village or Winners (kind of second-handish) and pretty much anything from Kensington Market is awesome.

I asked myself, after University why did I stop buying second-hand? You'd be amazed at the great stuff you can find at second-hand stores, sometimes good quality items that you just can't buy at an H&M or Old Navy (my mother taught me well).

If that fails, try a Swap Party! I recently hosted my first one and it was such a huge hit I'm already collecting and planning for my next one this Spring.

Shopping impacts our environment so greatly, in ways that we ever stop and think about so buying second-hand items is an important way to reduce waste, to reuse what already exists and a bonus, save money!

Universal Set 2008, Derick Melander


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