Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Farmer's Market, A Different City

My dad, looking very serious as usual.
I went to the Brantford Farmer's Market with my father this weekend to see what I could find.  I fortunately found some great stuff, for one thing, I was able to get all organic veggies which I needed for the dinner I made my family.  That was a bonus!

I also bought most of it from these lovely ladies.  Laura Lucas (on the right) runs the shop here and she's also a grower and speaker on behalf of healthy living.

 They had some other fantastic food items like these Live organic, raw vegetable crackers which we enjoyed with my homemade bean dip.

No plants today, other then the tomato and onion plants my father gave me.  Hope the garden at home is surviving and thriving.

Happy Long Weekend Canada!


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