Friday, May 27, 2011

Back Country Campin' Kind of Weekend

Waking up, getting ready and SO excited for my first back-country camping trip this weekend.  Not so excited about the 5-hour drive but at least I won't be sitting behind my desk at work.

It took some research and lot of shopping at MEC (our new best friend) to figure out what essential items were needed for our trip - a.k.a. what can we actually carry that we really need in our backpacks for 10km without passing out?

We found some fantastic items, spent a lot of money and did a lot of planning and I think we are good to go! No turning back now anyway.

So for those of you who might be experiencing your first back-country or any camping trip this summer, here are a few good essentials to add to your packing:

Campsite Stuff:

Sleeping Bag..Check
Air Mattress?...Um maybe not! An air mattress might be way too heavy to trek through the back country.

For this trip we went with the more affordable and lighter option: foam pads from Canadian tire.  

Cooking & Eating Stuff:

Water purifying tablets - these are the more affordable version of a full water filtration system which is used to clean lake water to make it ready for drinking.

VERY IMPORTANT. Enough said.

Perhaps a camping stove is not so essential but but after some good advice from an experienced camper it was advised that we get a light-weight portable stove similar to this one.

The "don't leave home without it or you're eating with your fingers" Light My Fire Spork or as I like to call it, the sporfe (spoon/fork/knife combo) from Mountain Equipment Coop.

Personal Stuff:

Sunscreen, also VERY important.  I actually bought the kids sunblock simply because it's not as harsh and good for sensitive skin (or for those with fairer skin, like redheads).

Perhaps as equally as important if not more so then sunscreen, is bug repellent.  Unscented is best, as all your products should be unscented as to not attract animals.

I bought the Watkins brand at MEC.

Essentially for staying, feeling and smelling clean this weekend.  This Eco-friendly shampoo/conditioner soap bar by The Soap Works is perfect for camping.

Food Stuff:

On the menu for this weekend:

  • Trail mix
  • Fruit
  • Hot cereal
  • Noodles and veggies
  • Vega and protein bars
  • Water, water and more water!

More on food later ....


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