Saturday, May 14, 2011

Balcony Garden Week 3: Progress and Snow Peas

Another weekend, another market visit but first let's review the progress.  A couple of weeks ago we planted a few things including, strawberries, sweet onion, herbs, and lettuce and kale seeds.  Both the lettuce and kale seeds have sprouted quite quickly and nicely.

Pea sprouts from the Evergreen Brickworks Farmer's Market - planted just about five days before this picture was taken.

My precious kale sprouts.  I can't wait to devour these beauties, in like months from now but nonetheless they will be fantastic.

Today it was rainy, foggy and wet, so we decided to walk to the market with our dog taking our time and enjoying all the green growing around us.  I love visiting the market every weekend to experience the natural changes.  First stop, breakfast!

Mike and I often stop off at the Waffle Bar first simply because the splendid aroma just draws us in.  Granted, their waffles are not vegan but I sometimes just can't resist - it's a treat for me and for Mike, it's breakfast.

Next step, the Garden Centre and my favourite part of the day, getting to choose all the lovely new plants to take home and re-pot.

As I continue making my way through the market, Mike takes a break to hang with Scarlet at the official dog hang out.  Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed inside the market until the end of the month when it moves outdoors.

One of my favourite plants we bought today - snow peas! Now I'm not sure just how these are going to turn out but I truly look forward to the outcome.  The containers that the plants come in are very easy to break apart which makes re-planting easier, so that you can gently take the plant out without crushing or damaging it.

Snow peas, eight of them in a row.

The new additions to our garden today: Yes, more lettuce and greens but these are premature plants that will be harvested earlier then our sprouts.  Also, lemon balm, chamomile, broccoli, cabbage, and snow peas.

I think that will be it for our balcony garden, at least for a while, especially seeing as these plants have pretty much taken over our kitchen table, chairs and surrounding floor.  Looking forward to warmer weather soon please!


StraightFromTheCurls said...

I love your blog! Especially the photos. I always wanted to grow plants but I've never been good at it. I'm going to give it another try this year. Definitely inspiring and insightful. :) Keep up the amazing work!

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