Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Women's Health: Best Tips

Source: Integrated Health
Women's Health Magazine published 76 of their best health tips for woman.  You can view the list or download it from their website. 
Here are a few of my favourite tips that I like and would like to better follow:

Ruining your appetite. Noshing on healthy fats (like pistachios, olives, or peanut butter) about 20 minutes before a meal helps your stomach digest food more slowly, so you’ll feel full longer. Foods like these may also help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K

Always good to know ... mmm, olives ...

Floss those pearly whites.  Brushing alone can miss up to 30 percent of the surface of your teeth—a lot like taking a shower but washing only 70 percent of your body.

I feel like I almost need constant reminder of this - brushing, no problem, but flossing, oh so annoying yet SO important! 

Strike a pose. Practicing yoga fights extra poundage by supporting endocrine and thyroid function as well as by lowering cortisol, a stress hormone that promotes weight gain around your middle.

Check! Just need to find more time to fit yoga into my schedule, now that's the challenging part.
Distract yourself from yourself.  Therapists say depression-prone women tend to mull over problems endlessly. Kick the OCD habit by engaging other parts of your brain: Listen to music, go running with a friend, or try a new zucchini bread recipe.

I think I am on distraction overdrive these days lol

Sidestep knee injuries. Studies show that women are more likely than men to be weak in the knees. Your joint-saving solution: hips of steel. The stronger you make the muscles around your hips, the better you can control your femur (the thigh bone), which helps stabilize your knee. One easy hip strengthening move: Tie a resistance band around your ankles, squat slightly and step side to side with as wide a stride as you can manage.

This is very important and makes sense to me now why I LOVE spin, cycling and mountain biking and can't get enough of it - an amazing leg work out without putting pressure on your knees.

Go horizontal. Sleep deprivation (getting less than seven to eight hours a night) leads to increased levels of ghrelin, the hormone that makes you crave waistline-thickening, artery-clogging comfort foods.

I will abide by this always, I still say we need siesta time here in Canada!


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