Sunday, June 12, 2011

Balcony Garden Week 7: An Update Gallery

The garden to date, organized, green and growing beautifully.  Here I have placed my lettuce plants on a shelf, the pea plants on the top and right next to it the tomato and mint.  It's amazing how quickly everything is growing and if not watered properly how quickly the plants change - example, from green and lush to limp and yellow.  It's an interesting learning experience so far ...

On this shelf, clockwise from top to bottom: Lemon balm, broccoli (soon to be transferred), cabbage, broccoli, and strawberry.

As I experience and read from my many, many gardening books I am learning a lot along the way. For instance, the broccoli plants will be need to be transferred to deeper pots to be eventually "earthed up" because the crown will get very heavy as it matures.

My lovely little tomato tree - well, not so little already - this sucker grows fast!

And who said you  can't grow potatoes on a balcony in a container (in this case mesh bag) - ha! We'll see what comes of this but so far the potato plant is going strong, I love it!

Close up shot of one of my cabbage plants ... can't wait to see this one flourish!

Pretty peas all in a row.  I will eventually (soon) have to add a string running horizontally across the plants to help them grow upright.  These guys like to latch onto their supports as they grow.

And the newest addition to the garden: Lavender Lady

Know any great gardening tips?
I'd love to hear them, please share!


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