Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Picnic in the Park

Mountain goats at the High Park Zoo
A lovely weekend for a picnic and with a long weekend coming up there will be plenty more time for picnics in the sun.  This picnic was in Toronto's beautiful High Park area.

Our lunch came from The Big Carrot, an amazing shop similar to Whole Foods Market but on the east end of Toronto.  On the menu (pictured here): Vegan paella (bottom), Lentil Paté (to it's right) and Mary's raw gluten-free crackers.
Vegan Paella from The Big Carrot

Scarlet with her treats.
A picnic wouldn't be complete without a treat for my sweet - okay, no more rhyming!  We did get Scarlet something yummy and fishy to chew on, mostly to distract her while we ate our own food and so she wouldn't feel left out.

Community Garden in High Park
High Park is a gorgeous, massive, very green and flourishing park on the west end of Toronto.  Within it there is a Zoo, Community Gardens, swimming pool, tennis courts, dog off-leash area, and much more.  Plus many events like concerts and plays are hosted there.

Baby goat (I think) from the High Park Zoo

A resting Bison from the High Park Zoo

Scarlet, chillin'
A relaxing puppy? She was actually eyeballing the chipmunks and squirrels, at least it kept her distracted.


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