Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Canadian Long Weekend

Happy Birthday Canada! ... and what a fantastic Canada July 1st long weekend it was.

Mike and Scarlet playing fetch the stick
It was a beautiful long weekend but it was sad to end on Monday (back to work, boo!) especially since the gorgeous weather continued - working stinks, spread the word!  At least I do find that working does help me to appreciate the time I do have off, to enjoy the nice weather and to play in the sun, on the beach during a long weekend.

A perfect night.  Enjoying an evening walk along the beach.

July 1st Fireworks show in Grand Bend
We were very lucky that Mike's parents live in Grand Bend and so close to the private beach that we didn't need to go far to enjoy the spectacular fireworks show for Canada day.

Waiting for the firework show to start

Fireworks in Grand Bend

Sunday morning fun at the beach and in Lake Huron

Great catch!

To all my American friends and followers 
Happy 4th of July!


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