Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day at The Cutting Veg Farm

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to volunteer at The Cutting Veg Organic Farm with a very nice group of folks.  Start time, 6:30am - not so nice, especially since I had to be up and out of the house by 5:30am - ouch!

That is a farmer's life after all, up early before the sun, that is the best time to work on the land before it gets too hot.  Fortunately for us it was a cloudy day, still hot but with many sun breaks so it wasn't too bad.  The work was hard the body but satisfying.  You truly feel like you've put in a good days work that deserves some R&R afterward.

One of the stinkier jobs - composting.  It involved shoveling the compost into the wagon to spread over the soon-to-be new vegetable crops.

This was a real treat! There was a man on the farm growing and selling organic oyster mushrooms.  It was so interesting and weird to see how they grow!

Another very lovely treat and something I had not seen or eaten before - garlic scapes!  These beauties were my favourite thing to pick mostly because they were simple to pick and smelled wonderful.  They have a milder taste and are great for stir-fries or can be eaten raw.

Where salad greens grow, row by row, so do weeds!  This is definitely one of the bigger problems with organic farming, because it doesn't use any chemicals or pesticides there are usually more weeds to deal with and remove.  I learned this first-hand, weeding the Swiss chard beds.

Another task I rather enjoyed was tearing apart hay bails (pictured below) to mulch the winter squash beds (pictured above).

We gather, after a good, hard days work! I look forward to it all again next weekend.


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