Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moving Tip #1: Eat Everything in your Fridge

When moving it is often easier to move less stuff (well, obviously) and that especially includes food.   There is one thing I hate moving most and that's refrigerator food!  So the solution? Eat everything you possibly can in your fridge, from your cupboards, where ever, a few weeks prior to moving.  This means, avoiding grocery buying if possible and getting creative in the kitchen!

I got creative this week with left over cooked brown rice, my garlic scape pest, tomatoes, and frozen phyllo dough that has been in my freezer for longer then I'd like to admit. The dough wasn't gluten-free unfortunately but there wasn't much and I don't like to waste food if I can avoid it. 

Fortunately, the end result tasted quite good, here are the steps, moreorless:

1. I mixed about 2 cups of rice with about 1/4 cup of pesto.

2. I chopped the three tomatoes and threw them in the mix and made sure to give everything a good stir.

3. Preheated the oven to about 350F. Sprayed a mini muffin tin with non-stick spray and created the phyllo cups with the thawed out dough. No need to be a perfectionist here, just cutting the dough out into pieces and forming the cups in the tin will do.

4. Then scooped about a tablespoon into each cup and baked for about 10-12 minutes.

5. Done.  That was dinner and delicious!

I wonder what other creative concoctions I'll come up with this week, stay tuned ...


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