Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving Tip #7: Pack Tetris-style

Come moving day try to make good use of your space; it starts with the packing of boxes to loading them on the truck and even unloading in your new space afterward.

I personally don't mind packing, in fact, truth be told, I kind of love it! I find it relaxing and exciting because for one I'm going through everything and cleaning it out and two it will lead to something new and hopefully great! Either way, moving can be an exciting change.

Packing the truck can be annoying and frustrating but Tetris really was my best game as a kid, so I can take those tricks I learned and apply it to loading the truck.

 When unloading everything into your new home try to put every box in the room that the stuff inside will eventually go in.  Makes sense right? Not unless you didn't label your boxes.

Moving Tip #7.1: Label your boxes!


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