Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Having Fun with your Food

What to feed young picky eaters? Why their favourite foods of course but try a more fun, creative way to spruce up lunch or dinner for the kids.  This past weekend my niece stayed over and I had an opportunity to get creative with her lunch ... not to say I wouldn't do this for myself or my boyfriend but it's nice to have a kid around to entertain.

This idea was inspired by the many Bento box lunch photos I've seen on the web.  I kept mine very simple for my first try but some of them get so very elaborate and creative, almost too creative to eat, no?

Try using a cute flower cookie cutter to cut out your vegetable bit size pieces.  Here I cut out the zucchini this way. Metal cookie cutters would work well for carrots and peppers.  Cucumber would also be simple to cut into cute shapes.

The rolls are almond butter and organic berry jam, rolled up to make sushi-like sandwich rolls. To make them simple take a slice of bread (here I use whole wheat), cut off the crusts and roll out flat and as thin as possible with a rolling pin.  I used healthy, organic bread but I imagine white bread would work better for this because it is spongier.

Spread the almond butter and jam over one of the bread (you can mix it up on one side) and then, starting on one side of the bread, begin to roll it into a long bread roll.  Cut into bite-sized pieces.  Yum!


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