Monday, October 3, 2011

My Green Blogging Needs Improvement

Photo Source: Dmitry Kononenko 2010
In my perfect world I would quit my job.

I would be a full-time blogger/writer, work from home, and continue with my baking business part-time.

I would travel to where I please, when I please while making a living doing what I am passionate about.
That's the kind of lovely life I would be happy with. But, the trouble is, how do I make it a reality?

I don't know how others do it, what they endured, or even if it really is worth my while to pursue such a dream. In my dream, I would definitely have more time to research, to blog, to hone my writing skills and share my ideas, recipes and inspirations with others.

After a long day/week of working full-time, running errands, and reviewing my after-work projects, I usually have just enough time to sit at my computer, at my blog page and just stare at it. Usually because I am either too tired to come up with something witty and wonderful to write, or mostly because of time, I haven't done any research or cooked anything exciting to write about.

However, I must confess, time management has not been my only road-block. Because lets be real here people, I have an addiction. I can't help it. Just like any addict would admit, I just want it so bad -- even just 20-30 minutes a day. That's all! And I have it under control ...usually. Until those 20-30 minutes turn into 2-3 hours a day! Eek! This addiction my friends, is to a wonderful website called pinterest.

I love that site for too many reasons to name, but mostly, as a creative person and visual learner, it's my inspiration drug. From it, I am filling my head with a plethora of projects -- home, craft, art, party, gift and recipe ideas. Ideas that I am eager to try and hoping to share with all of you.

If blogging were my full-time job then it would be a different story. But as of yet, I barely manage two entries a week. Sad really, because I love blogging. and taking photos, researching, learning and writing. And as mentioned, I have so many freakin' ideas just waiting to burst out of me I can't take it!

So, it's time to take baby steps, for the month of October I will stick to what I like and know best, visuals and research. I will share with you, what I find to be green inspired projects and recipes, every other day for this month and perhaps the rest of the year.

My goal will be to keep each entry short and sweet and include pictures, media or video of things that inspire and delight me or encourage and teach me to live green.



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