Thursday, December 29, 2011

Making a Resolution, Make it Green

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Making a New Year's resolution has always been a daunting task for me, and perhaps for many.  And it seems all too often our resolutions fail come February one. I try to start out small, setting attainable goals that will hopefully help me achieve bigger goals.  Such as, remembering to to use a travel mug for my morning coffee. Eventually, I would like to reduce my coffee intake to once a week and then to none at all (which is the ultimate green way).

Last year many of my goals involved being and living greener.  This year it will be much of the same: to live green and do my best to help this magnificent green earth.  Specifically, I would love to volunteer with Greenpeace or World Wildlife Fund, or any other cause that inspire me.  I would like to reduce my carbon footprint of course, that will be the biggest challenge for 2012 but like I said, small steps.

So to help get you started here are some resolution ideas you can aim for, both big and small:

  1. Cut down on food waste
  2. Become a do-it-yourself-er. These days, there are so many websites devoted to DIY projects that there is really no excuse.  You just need to do the research and make the time for it.
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint
  4. Reduce your water footprint
  5. Volunteer for a green cause
  6. Be vegetarian or vegan for one day a week or one week per month.  P.S. You'll also save money if you do it smart!
  7. Don't just recycle, reduce and reuse more
  8. Give up plastic, for good! This can start small, no plastic grocery bags.  Try to avoid using or buying plastic Tupperware or utensils.  Avoiding plastic whenever you can will also help you reduce your waste.
  9. Stop buying bottled water! Especially if you are lucky enough to live in a city with clean tap water, drink it. Best part, it's free!  For some, they hate the taste (sounds like an excuse to me) but if taste really is an issue for you, try a filtered water system.

    Bottled water, often advertised as a "pure" and "natural" alternative to tap water, is generally safe. But it's actually less regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency than municipal water supplies. Indeed, some bottled water is simply filtered tap water.  (source)
  11. Reduce your paper waste. Cancel unwanted catalogs, do all your billing online and always print double-sided.
  12. Wash in cold water and hang dry.  Of course this is easier done in the Summer (at least in Canada) but it's something to consider.  Six months out of the year is still better then nothing.
  13. Turn off your computer and monitor before you leave the office.
Most importantly, turn off your TV, get outside, be active.  Spend time with loved ones, start a new hobby or volunteer to give back to your community.  There is way more to life then working, television and shopping ... there's living it.

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