Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

If you're starting a garden this year it's always a good idea to sow your seeds early by starting them indoors, about 10 weeks before you move them outside.  The general rule is to plant them about 10-12 weeks or so before the last frost hits.  I started these seedlings in early March.  I started mine a bit earlier because I am traveling soon and I really wanted to text out some of the seeds I got.

I also wanted to try out this idea I found online, can't remember where, possibly Pinterest.  It's a neat way to sow your starters.

1. Start with old toilet or paper towel rolls.  I cut toilet paper rolls in half, so each one is about 2 inches high.

2. Covering one side of the hole with your hand, fill the roll with soil.

3. I lined up all of my rolls in a metallic baking dish and filled the sides with a bit more soil (pictured above).

4. With my finger I poked a hole or two into each roll, for the seeds and added a few seeds into each hole.

5. Cover each roll with a bit more soil and add water.

6.  Before the sprouts come up you can cover the rolls with plastic to create a "greenhouse" effect and to help keep moisture in.

It only took about 10-14 days for these sprouts to pop up.  Once the sprouts appear, you can remove the plastic cover.  They will need to be placed in a sunny spot to get all the nutrients they need to grow.

In the batch, basil, kale and dill sprouts.

I also brought my herb perennials indoors from being outside for all of Winter. My mint is already coming up so quickly and wildly, I love it.  It's good to grow mint in containers because they can get out of hand and be very invasive.

 Chives, growing beautifully.

 And Rosemary! I think it's time to cut this one down a bit, rosemary can run wild if you let it.

Can't wait to do more sowing, growing and harvesting this year, but it will have to wait until June.

What are you planning to grow this year? Any great gardening tips you want to share?
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