Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Asia Adventure: A Culinary Adventure

One cannot travel through China and Southeast Asia and not experience some exquisite cuisine.  The biggest challenge I faced was trying to stay vegan, and unless I wanted a diet or white rice and processed food, it just wasn't happening.  So, for this trip I decided to be, at the very least vegetarian, avoiding all meat and seafood.  I was happy that most of my meals had a good variety of vegetables but they were almost always cooked or heated.  I was grateful and lucky to get to eat some fresh salad and raw fruits and vegetables at  some places!

Here are just a few of the lovely meals I enjoyed throughout my trip...

 Hand-made momos (dumpling) with chili and soy sauce (Tibet)

A Tibetan bobi vegetable platter - it is similar to a fajita whereby you make your own wraps (Tibet).

 Palak Paneer with jasmine rice (India).

 I can't remember the name of this dish but it was so delicious! (India).

Rambutan fruit at the Vegetable and Fruit Market (Thailand)

 And possibly the most appalling fruit on earth, durian (Thailand).

Mmm, finally something familiar and so delicious, vegetable pad thai (Thailand).  I pretty much ate pad thai every day while in Thailand.

 Cheese, tomato and fresh basil personal pizza for Michael (Thailand).

Steamboat dinner (like a hot pot), it was quite an experience whereby you cook your own food.  It was so much food and too much waste in the end (Malaysia).

Hands down one of the best meals I had on the entire trip was enjoyed at Geographer Café in Malacca, Malaysia.  Fresh raw spring rolls and ...

 Apple cabbage with cashews salad (Malaysia).

 Mike also loved Geographer Café. Seen here, vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili sauce (Malaysia).

Another of my favourites dishes which I ate often was Gado Gado, steamed vegetables with rice, peanut sauce and rice crackers (Indonesia).

These fruit shakes were so popular with our group, I swear I tried every possible flavour while I was in Southeast Asia.  This one is Strawberry, made with ice and fresh strawberries, blended together (Indonesia).

Fresh young coconut (right out of the shell) with brown sugar, an appetizer we enjoyed before our home-cooked meal below (Indonesia).

This amazing spread of food was made by the family we visited in the rural community near Cianjur.  Homemade and delicious! It includes tempeh, rice, beans, and a variety of other vegetables and all vegetarian (Indonesia).

More sugar! Rice dough filled with brown sugar and coconut, wrapped in a banana leaf (Indonesia).  An interesting, chewing texture but it tasted amazing.

My second most favourite restaurant of the whole trip was in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, Milas restaurant.  This stunning restaurant was surely an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The food was amazing, organic and most of it locally provided and the best part, all the proceeds from our meals went toward supporting their youth training programs.

Mike's meal (above): Vegetarian burger with fresh cut potato fries.

 My meal at Milas, tempeh and vegetables with dark brown rice and steamed spinach (Indonesia).

Another great restaurant in Yogjakarta was called Easy Goin'.  Our group went there for dinner and I loved it so much I went back for lunch just to enjoy another bowl of this soup, coconut chili soup with tempeh (Indonesia).

My BIG salad! I'm in heaven.  This salad was from the restaurant near our resort in Nusa Dua, Bali.  It had the works, mixed greens, zucchini, peppers, avocado, grilled asparagus, mixed nuts, and blue cheese.  It was sooooooo good!

Bon Appétit, indeed!


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