Thursday, June 21, 2012

Asia Adventure: Olfactory Delights

Pink Hibiscus
Truthfully, whenever I photograph flowers I always keep my mother in mind, she loves flowers! And I like to share my photos of them with her, especially because they really do make an excellent subject for photography.  So, for this trip, I took some time to smell the roses and photographed the prettiest, exotic flowers. Some were definitely more fragrant then others, but all were beautiful.

During our travels we visited many farms and plantations where we tasted and smelled different spices and fruit.  These too I share here with you ...

A woman in Bangkok making flower garlands (puang malai), a symbol for good luck (Thailand).

 The puang malai smelled amazing, the most pleasant flower aromas combined (Thailand).

Very aromatic frangipani flowers (India).

 Wild flowers grow throw the concrete cracks in Beijing's Forbidden City (China).

Lantana Camara (Malaysia).

The most stunning hibiscus flowers at the Butterfly farm in Cameron Highlands (Malaysia).

I couldn't find the name of these flowers but they were also growing at the Butterfly farm (Malaysia).

Decorative Dahlia (Malaysia).

Tiger Tail Orchid (Indonesia).
 Datura (Indonesia).

Rafflesia flower, the world's largest flower, which we learned is actually a fungus!  It was huge and weird looking, almost looked like it was made of play dough. What you don't see in this photo are the swarm of tiny bees that surround it! This flower grows in the rainforest, near Cameron Highlands (Malaysia).

 Green Peppercorns (Indonesia).

 Heating coconut palm sugar to use as a food sweetener and dessert (Indonesia).

 Coconut Palm sugar bricks (Indonesia).

 Roasted Coffee Beans (Indonesia).

Vanilla plant (Indonesia).

Cinnamon tree (Indonesia).

Fresh cacao beans, makes chocolate and smells delicious!


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