Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keep Going, and Keep it Interesting

A sweet smoothie to end off my 30 wonderful days of juicing! This one was inspired by one of the smoothies available at Sunshine's Organic Juice Bar, called Island Berry. I blended together one cup of coconut milk, 2 very ripe chopped bananas, about one pint of fresh organic strawberries and two peeled and chopped organic oranges.  It was delicious and a great breakfast meal!

For me, the key to juicing successfully is to keep exploring and experimenting, and trying new things every day, which I believe can be very healthy for your body and your spirit.  Here are a few books, websites and online recipes I found that might help keep you feeling inspired and motivated to continue your juicing days ...


The Juicing Bible
by Pat Crocker (Jan 2012)

Juices & Smothies
by Suzannah Olivier Joanna Farrow

The Green Smoothie Bible: 300 Delicious Recipes 
by Kristine Miles (Feb 21 2012)


I personally haven't explored each of these books or websites but I am familiar with most of them and hope to explore many more recipe books ... maybe when I retire! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Super Juice: The Healthiest of them All

Wheatgrass juice shots made with Kind Organics wheatgrass

I personally had to really work up to making wheatgrass juice, it is definitely not for beginners! You need a proper juicer first of all to make it, which I now have, and you simply just push the wheatgrass through it.  To get the full nutritional benefits it is best served completely on it's own, with no added vegetables or fruits, so that is how I tried it for my first time. It was rough! My recommendation, drink a shot of it straight up followed by a chaser of orange juice or lemonade, then you're good.

My boyfriend and I both had a shot of wheatgrass before we decided to go rock climbing.  We were both feeling sluggish and lazy, a typical Sunday evening, and neither of us were feeling up to doing anything, least of all rock climbing! But we pushed ourselves to go.  Now, I don't know if it was the wheatgrass that helped, but when we got there we really stepped it up, pushed each other to go further, and we both went up a level in our climbing.

So, even though wheatgrass is definitely not my favourite juice and I probably won't be chugging a glass of it anytime soon, I swear I did feel better after a shot of it and the health benefits are enormous ... 
  • Packed with highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes
  • Wheatgrass is a complete food that contains 98 of 102 earth elements
  • Wheatgrass is more then twenty times denser in nutrients than other vegetables
  • It is safe for people with wheat allergies
  • Juicing wheatgrass actually unlocks even more nutrients
  • Chlorophyll in wheatgrass has the ability to draw toxins out of the body, which heals and soothes tissues internally
  • Chlorophyll also has antibacterial properties, which can stop the development of harmful bacteria in the body
  • One shot of wheatgrass contains 103 vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tomato Cucumber Basil Juice

A surprisingly sweet and delightfully tasteful juice that is made with two ingredients that are not my favourite to eat but I seem to love as a juice: tomato and cucumber.  The combination here is half a peeled cucumber, about 12 ounces of chopped tomato and a handful of fresh basil (from Juices & Smoothies, page 89).

And nothing pleases me more then when I get the opportunity to use vegetables or herbs from my own garden, which in this case, I used the fresh basil I have growing in my container garden on the deck.

My lovely basil.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back to Juice Basics

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics, and keep it simple.  I made this juice using carrots, celery, ginger, apple, lemon, and the twist, I added a couple of peaches! Served over ice, I used mint to garnish and shared this refreshing juice with my guests.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Health Benefits I Learned about Juicing

I have been enjoying making juice and smoothies these days, so much so, that if I miss a day I really feel it! I can feel the benefits working so much that when I don't have a fresh smoothie in the morning or a freshly made juice in the afternoon I just don't feel good ... tired, slow, grumpy.  I knew juicing has so many benefits  but I really didn't appreciate them until I started drinking one every day.

Just ask holistic nutritionist extraordinaire and my friend, Marni Wasserman, drinking raw juice and smoothies "helps to improve your health and sustain a nutritious raw lifestyle. Eating a high percentage of raw fruits and vegetables contributes to high energy levels and faster recovery from illness…as well as a slower aging process."  That's what I like to hear.

I have felt higher energy levels myself during training. I always drink a smoothie or juice before every training session or race event.  It is a perfect meal option that will keep you going for hours and won't give you that heavy feeling inside.  And the best part, I don't feel like I am starving afterward and I hardly get any late-night cravings.  I eat a small healthy meal for dinner and I'm set.  As result, it's helping me lose weight (just a bonus side-effect that I try not too concern myself with really).

However, the real benefit is what juicing does for your health.  Sara Oulette from Beyond Vitality considers juicing "...as my own personal health insurance! As a competitive athlete and holistic nutritionist, I’d have to say that fruits and vegetables are definitely the key to optimal health, performance and longevity," and I couldn't agree more.

As a competitive athlete myself I have seen a huge improvement in my health and performance ever since I made juicing part of my regular routine.  What I appreciate most about it is that when I am pressed for time juicing helps me get all the nutrients I need, quickly and easily.  In fact, I am probably getting more nutrients, minerals and vitamins now then I did before. "[Juicing] permits us to get all the valuable micro-nutrients from fruits, and especially vegetables, that we would not be able to get through our daily diet. [It] gives us a concentrated dose of nutrients with minimal digestion required. It oxygenates and alkalizes our body to leave us feeling great," says Sara.

So, if you really need another good excuse to start drinking healthy fruit and veg juices or smoothies, just remember: it's good for you!

It's also a way healthier alternative to dessert ...

I really enjoyed making and drinking this delicious banana coconut cream pie smoothie. I will admit, I was skeptical at first about the combination of ingredients, but in the end it tasted divine.

Check out Blender Girl's website for more amazing smoothie recipes.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Can be Easy Drinking Greens

I made this very delicious, very refreshing and very healthy juice last night after an intense 2-hour training session.  It was a perfect mixture of fruit and veggies that didn't have that strong leafy-green taste overtone.  It was sweet, light and tasty, a good intro-to-green-juice-making drink if you ask me.  If you're new to juicing and not really keen on making green juices because they look weird, taste weird and maybe even smell weird, I think you will still enjoy this one.  It's a good recipe to start with if you're intimidated by kale too!

Easy Green Juice
1 -1/2 inch or so piece of ginger
2-3 large Kale leaves
3 celery stalks
1 large sweet apple (like fuji)
2 limes

Chop and prep all ingredients. Push all ingredients through a juicer, starting with the ginger then apples, lime and greens.  Serve in a tall glass over ice.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fruit Pulp: Freeze it for Later!

So, your juicing, making smoothies, it's going great and you're lovin' every minute of it right!?  The juice tastes great, it's refreshing and healthy for you, but your compost bin is also getting it's fill of left-over juice pulp right about now.  What if you didn't have to waste the pulp? What if you could do something with it, use it somehow?

Well you can! There are lots of ways, including my favourite way - making ice pops!  These of course work best with fruit pulp only.  I made these by mixing left over strawberry and cantaloupe puree in my blender; fill each container,  and freeze overnight for best results.

It's an easy and healthy way to satisfy those sweet cravings and to stay cool during hot Summer days.

Other great ways to reuse juice pulp:

1. Add fruit pulp to muffin, cookie or pie recipes

2. Add vegetable pulp to savoury baked dishes like breads and muffins

3. Add vegetable pulp to make vegetable burger recipes and other vegan dishes, like salads

4. Add vegetable pulp to pasta sauce for those extra nutrients

5. Add fruit pulp to your morning yogurt or cereal bowl or fruit smoothie

6. Make dog or cat food using your vegetable scraps and/or pulp ... my pup loves the scraps as treats!

7. Add fruit pulp to protein or granola bar recipes

8. Don't trash it! If all else fails start a compost or vermapost and feed it your veggie and fruit scraps.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sleepy Time Tuesday

I have been needing to make this juice for a while to help me sleep, and last night, I finally did.  It's a wonderful concoction to help you sleep.  Made with chamomile tea, iceberg lettuce, one small banana, juice from 1/2 lemon (Juices & Smoothies, page. 75)

Some health benefits I learned about ... Chamomile Tea
  • The calming effects of chamomile help treat insomnia
  • Drinking chamomile tea on a regular basis during pregnancy can help in alleviate morning sickness
  • Chamomile tea can even help with addiction to such things as alcohol or nicotine!
  • It can even benefit children, helping alleviate stomach aches, diarrhea, and colic
  • It aids with hair health

Source: Sleep so Good

Monday, July 23, 2012

Perk up your Monday Morning

Enjoy this pick-me-up juice made using half a cantaloupe, two pears and a piece of fresh ginger root (Juices & Smoothies , page. 98).  It's a great way to start your morning or to enjoy mid-day, or any time you are looking for a quick and natural energy boost.  Serve over ice.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Cantaloupe
  • A wonderful source of vitamins A, B6 and C, and the mineral potassium
  • And a great source of dietary fiber
  • It protects your cells
  • Rich in beta-carotene, which can help lower the risk of cancer
  • Cantaloupe as an anti-inflammatory
  • It's low on the glycemic index

SourceElements 4 Health

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A True-ly Blood-y Good Juice

I guess I was feeling particularly inspired by one of my favourite TV shows, True Blood, when making this juice. I combined what lychee fruit I had left over with a pint of freshly picked black raspberries, which I got from the Farmers market, and created this ...


A truly bloody good juice, that was thick, sharp with just a subtle hint of sweetness.  The colour of this juice turned out to be a deep, dark red, hence, the true blood name.

For a refreshing touch, serve over lots of ice and garnish with a few remaining raspberries.

It was sinfully delicious!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Juice Rush: Go Organic!

Pre-Workout Rush

2 peeled kiwifruit
4 pieces of kale
1 peeled lime
2 large apples
6-8 large strawberries

Prep everything, then push through a juicer.  Stir and enjoy over ice!

I made this before a long training day and I gotta say, it really worked for me! It certainly gave me energy to boot! I drank it before practice one night and burned over two hours of energy - cycling, rowing, boxing, cycling, paddling (1 hour) then cycling again back home, up hill.  The best part, even though I was exhausted after all that, I didn't experience that awful crash and burn feeling that you get from having caffeine or artificially sugared drinks.

Go for Organic when Juicing! 

Why choose organic?

It's been said time and time again but eating organic truly is better for your health, for the environment and for the community.  Organic produce is grown with strict guidelines that protect water systems, soil health and respect ecological balance by using green technologies.  Besides all of these important factors, buying organic, especially from your local farmers, is a great way to show support for your community and it tastes way better.

What does "organic" mean?

As mentioned, organically grown fruit and vegetables follow very strict guidelines.  Meaning, they don't allow the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers during the process, no sewage sludge, no GMOs (genetically modified organisms, and no ionizing radiation.  The produce is grown in a way that promotes biodiversity and protects the health of soil, water and the air.

You know it's organic by reading the certified organic label, or ask your local farmer about their growing practices.  Always look for the label because sometimes items labelled as 'natural' can be very misleading.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Fruit Punch to Beat the Heat

A quick and easy juice that you can really make with any fruit you have available in your fridge.  In this case I used fresh organic strawberries from Bizjak Farms, organic kiwi fruit and fresh Ontario peaches.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Kiwifruit
  • Get your full daily dose of vitamin C from just one kiwi
  • They are possibly the most super fruits of all the super fruits as they have the "ability to protect DNA in the nucleus of human cells from oxygen-related damage" - crazy right?
  • Oh, and they're a great source of dietary fiber

SourceWorld's Healthiest Foods

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ruby Roots Juice

Gets your ruby roots on with this delicious juice recipe from Juices & Smoothies page 81, combines about 1 cup of chopped beets, one large orange, and one piece of ginger root. I love beets!

Some health benefits I learned about ... Beetroot
  • Beetroots are your liver's best friend! The betacyanin they contain (a.k.a. the pigment found in beets) help detox your liver, which helps the body eliminate toxins
  • Drinking beetroot juice helps reduce high blood pressure
  • Like all fruits and vegetables, they are packed with nutrients like, vitamin C, iron, folic acid, phosphorous, magnesium, and B6
  • They make you smile! Betaine in beetroots enhance the production of seratonin, which is a natural mood-lifter

Source:  Raw Food Journey

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cherry Trio

 Turning this lovely red, cherry berry mess into ...

This! An even lovelier red trio juice made with rip Ontario cherries, apples and strawberries from Bizjak Farms, which I purchased through the Evergreen Brick Works Farmer's market.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Cherries
  • They are loaded with antioxidants which aid in the reduction of heart disease and cancer
  • They contain melatonin, which helps regulate heart rhythms and sleep cycles
  • They contain 19 times more beta carotene (vitamin A) then blueberries or strawberries
  • They are also rich in vitamins C, E, potassium, magnesium, iron, folate and fiber.
  • They truly are a super food!

Source: Ingredients, Inc.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Remedy for Indigestion: Ginger

If you have an upset stomach ginger is an excellent ingredient to add to any juice, hot or cold.  In this case it's the star of this drink called ginger juice, which also includes pineapple and carrot (Juices & Smoothies, page 74).

Some health benefits I learned about ... Ginger
  • Eating ginger helps with morning sickness and nausea
  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation because of it's anti-inflammatory properties
  •  It's a natural treatment and prevention for colds and flu, even migraine relief
  • Often used in tea to treat menstrual cramps in women
  • Also helps treat and prevent various cancers, including ovarian cancer

Source: Health Diaries

Monday, July 16, 2012

Watermelon and Strawberry, a Sweet Duet

A watermelon strawberry smoothie, simple and sweet. Just two main ingredients - watermelon and strawberries of course. Add as much or as little of each as you prefer to a blender and blend until smooth.  Add some ice cold water to get it going and to thin it out.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Strawberries
  • Considered a super food, nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidents
  • They are an excellent source of vitamin C, just one serving contains 51mg of it, which helps prevent cataracts and help with cancer prevention
  • Vitamin C in strawberries also helps promote great skin by producing collagen
  • They are wonderfully versatile, great for juicing and especially perfect for blending into smoothies

Source: Best Health

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Sweet Sunday Delight

Grapes are very sweet but delicious! However, because they are high in sugar it's probably not a great  idea to consume too many of them late at night.  So, this simple sweet and sharp juice from Juices & Smoothies, page 93 is best enjoyed during a hot Summer afternoon or, as a wake-me-up first thing in the morning. It is sweet and refreshing and looks especially nice in a fancy glass.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Grapes
  • Eating grapes can help treat constipation, indigestion, fatigue, kidney problems and more
  • They are extremely high in antioxidants and a rich source of vitamins A, C, B6
  • Essential minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium are also found in grapes
  • Consuming ripe grapes early in the morning can help cure a migraine (good to know)
  • Grapes are especially delicious as wine! 

Source: Organic Facts

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunshine Wholesome Market Juice Bar

One of my favourite new vendors at the Evergreen Farmers Market is Sunshine Wholesome Juice Bar.  I love going there every Saturday morning during my shift to enjoy a freshly made juice.  Drinking healthy, wholesome juice and smoothies doesn't always need to be done at home.  Why not explore your city this weekend and try to find the best juice bar or restaurant.

And if you're in the Toronto area I highly recommend you visit your local farmers market this weekend, guaranteed they each have their own juice or smoothie vendors. Join us at Evergreen market at the Brickworks on Bayview ... and be sure to say hello!

In this juice: fresh beets, oranges, apple, and ginger. Better then coffee!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tropical Beets

I made this delicious pink drink over the weekend to use up some of the tropical fruits I had bought.  This isn't a drink I would make that often because I am trying to buy more locally and support local farmers, but man, did it ever taste amazing!  The good news is, the candy cane beets used for this juice came from a local farmer, one of my favourites at the Evergreen Farmers Market, Sosnicki Family Farm.

I call it Tropical Beet, it uses: 2-3 candy cane beets, roughly a 1/4 pineapple (chopped), about 8-10 lychee fruit, and one kiwi fruit.  Push all ingredients through a juicer, garnish and serve over lots of ice.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Lychee

  • Lychees contain no saturated fats or cholesterol and are low in calories but high in dietary fiber
  • Excellent source of vitamin C and B-complex vitamins
  • They also contain minerals such as potassium and copper, which help in the production of red blood cells

Source: Nutrition and You

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mixed Salad a in a Glass

A wonderfully bright and colourful assortment of ingredients to make ....

A delicious and healthy mixed salad drink from Juices & Smoothies, page 84.  Even though there was a lot of vegetables in this drink, like radishes which I usually don't love, the added pears really made this drink surprisingly sweet and tasty.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Radishes
  • Good for the liver and the stomach
  • Indigestible carbohydrates in radishes help with constipation, which also make them a good detoxifier
  • Diurectic in nature ... they help you go pee!
  • Radishes are filling to eat, which can help with weight loss
  • They contain Vitamin-C, phosphorus, zinc and members of vitamin-B complex
  • Radishes are especially helpful with liver and gallbladder functions

Source: Organic Facts

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Raspberry Oatmeal Forever

A raspberry and oatmeal smoothie from Juices & Smoothies, page 137, with some breakfast essentials: raspberries, oatmeal, soy yogurt, and honey.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Raspberries
  • Rich in dietary fiber and anti-oxidants, which have potential health benefits against cancer, aging and inflammation
  • They contain lots of good vitamins like vitamins A, C and K, as well as the B-complex group of vitamins
  • They also contain lots of good minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, iron and magnesium
  • The oil in raspberry seeds are rich in vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and has natural SPF protection

Source: Nutrition and You, Raspberry Depot

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Watermelon Shakes ... I Miss Thailand

A very simple Summer icy drink to enjoy, in Thailand we called them Watermelon shakes, and they were amazing!  The perfect drink to have on a hot Summer day and to be enjoyed while relaxing on the beach.  In my version I blended watermelon and ice together then added the juice from a whole lime. And if it's a hot Saturday night, sitting on the patio, enjoying the late day sun, why not throw some rum in there too.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Watermelon
  • Did you know that watermelon has the most nutrition per calorie!? At least that's what I found from my Google search.
  • They taste great, are low in calories and are full of vitamin C
  • You can also find vitamin B and B1 in watermelon, which maintains electrolytes throughout the body
  •  They are also full of minerals like potassium and magnesium, which are important for cardiovascular health and brain health

Source: Natural News

Monday, July 9, 2012

I had to have the BIG Breakfast

Turn these wonderful ingredients into ...

this delicious smoothie called Big Breakfast (from Juices & Smoothies, page 138)

Some health benefits I learned about ... Sesame Seeds
  • They are extremely high in copper and manganese, but also a great source of calcium for all you vegans out there
  •  They have cholesterol-lowering effects because they contain sesamin and sesamolin, which also help prevent high blood pressure
  • The rich minerals found in sesame seeds like copper, magnesium and calcium help provide relief from arthritis pain, supports respiratory health and helps prevent osteoporosis and colon cancer

Sesame seeds are small but mighty!

Source: World's Healthiest Foods

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Orange Crush: Another Summer Hit

This is a very refreshing Summer juice I kind of stumbled upon when I was at the Farmer's market.  I went to the Sunshine Wholesome Market Juice Bar where they sell delicious freshly made juices or smoothies where you can choose your own juice combinations.  The combination I chose that day was ginger, carrot, orange, and lemon ... and it was amazing! So delicious tasting that I have continued to make this juice at home.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Carrots
  • Carrots are packed with the good stuff ... anti-oxidants, vitamins A, B and C, dietary fiber, and tons of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus
  • They provide a rich source of carotene, which protects the skin, lungs, liver, and oral cavity against pre-cancerous cells

Source: Nutrition and You

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get Equipped and Sooth your Juicing Experience

This drink will surely sooth those hot Summer nights. The strawberry soother (page 102 of Juices & Smoothies) simply combines two cups of strawberries with one nectarine, served over ice (crushed ice would be best). What I like most about this drink, besides how sweet it tastes, is how versatile it can be. 

Option 1: Place the fruits through a juicer while straining the liquid to make a thinner juice.

Option 2: Blend the fruits together with ice (optional) in a blender to make a thicker juice.

Option 3: Blend fruit with almond milk and protein powder for a healthy breakfast smoothie.


To make all of these wonderful drink options and more you will need the right equipment.  I bought my first juicer about 3 years ago off of Craigslist for $20.  I was lucky because that person had never used it, not even once, it was still in its original packaging so it was pretty much brand new. This juicer was a Hamilton Beach HealthSmart Juice Extractor.  It has now found its newest home in my coworkers kitchen, since my recent juicer purchase.  The second juicer I bought, also second hand, is the Omega 8006.

Types of Juicers

Centrifugal Juicers
Although it is the more common juicer, I personally find that centrifugal juicers don't juice fruit and vegetables as well as masticating juicers do.  A blade in the juicer spins at high speed and as the fruit or vegetable is being pushed through part of it is discarded as pulp and the remaining is pushed through as juice. I find these juicers are especially great if you are just starting out but eventually you might want a juicer that yields more juice, like a masticating.

Masticating Juicers

A masticating juicer works great because it does exactly what we do every time we eat - chew and grind the food into a pulp.  This juicer grinds the vegetables and then pushes the juice out.  It works at lower speeds and much more effectively.

Familiar Brands: Breville, Kempo, Hamilton Beach, Omega; or a comparison chart of different juicers at Harvest Essentials.

Blenders are definitely best for making smoothies and to puree soft fruits like bananas and berries. Unlike juicers, you can add water, milk or ice to blenders to make a smoother drink.

Familiar Brands: Cusinart, Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach, and Vitamix

Food Processors
Food processors are also great for adding liquids and blending them with fresh fruit, or making chunkier juices and drinks.  I find however, processors are best for making soups, sauces and spreads, so I don't tend to use them for drinks.

Familiar Brands: Cuisinart, Magic Bullet, Kitchen Aid, and Breville

Sources: Juicing Book

Friday, July 6, 2012

Broccoli to Boost your Calcium

A bright green, refreshing juice, I know that I will make this one again and again.  It was just delicious and lovely for Summer.  This broccoli booster (from Juice & Smoothies, page 88)  juice includes:  broccoli, apples and lemon juice, on ice.

Some health benefits I learned about ... Broccoli
  • And who said I needed milk? Just one cup of broccoli juice a day (not that you would need to drink it every day I think) provides you with enough calcium to help build strong bones.  It is way better for you then cow's milk because it doesn't contain any saturated fat either
  • Good for the twins. Broccoli's anti-estrogen compound helps remove excess estrogen - linked to breast cancer
  • It also helps you poop.  Broccoli, full of fiber, promotes good colon health and prevents constipation
  • Too much Summer sun? Broccoli helps repair skin damage

For more health benefits check out: Juicing for Health  or Health Diaries

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Clean Sweep in Many Ways

This refreshingly delicious juice pairs great with a protein bar as a mid-morning snack.  Clean sweep combines carrots, celery, green grapes, and parsley (from Juices & Smoothies, p. 65). 

Some health benefits I learned about ... Celery
  • It's like Gatorade only better! The rich minerals in celery help replace lost electrolytes and rehydrate the body after a workout
  • It has super powers! That is, celery contains anti-cancer compounds, some of which actually help stop the growth of tumors
  • It helps you poop.  Celery is a natural laxative
  • It's cool.  On hot Summer days, celery helps normalize the body's temperature
  • It's on your side.  Eating celery everyday or consuming it as a juice will help curb cravings and help you lose or maintain a healthy weigh

For more amazing benefits check out: Juicing for Health website

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Banana Berry Smoothie

A smoothie I often make for breakfast, it's filling and healthy, and one of the best ways I add protein to my diet.  To make this smoothie, combine: 1/2 cup organic almond milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 banana, a handful of fresh blueberries, 1 scoop of Sun Warrior raw vanilla protein powder, and 1 tsp ground flaxseeds (optional).  Blend together, serve with ice and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Body Builder Smoothie

A delicious smoothie, ideal for breakfast is the body builder (pg. 72 from Juices & Smoothies).  It includes: banana, wheat germ, soya yogurt, flaxseed, lime, and orange.

Monday, July 2, 2012

30-day Juice Challenge

Book by Suzannah Olivier and Joanna Farrow
Before leaving for my trip in April I bought this great book full of fantastic juice and smoothie recipes.  Of course I didn't leave much time for myself to actually try any of them but  I knew I would enjoy many delicious shakes and smoothies in Asia. And I did!

So, because I love making fresh fruit and vegetable juices and since I enjoyed the ones I had in Southeast Asia so much, I decided to continue the trend.  For the month of July, I will be doing a 30-day challenge, that means, 30 days of at least one different juice or smoothie recipe a day (as a snack or small meal replacement).

I will share some of the drinks I make and my favourite recipes I try, also some tips and the benefits of juicing throughout.  So, let's get started ...

 To make this juice, I combined these vegetables: celery, carrots, apples, lemon, ginger, and spinach.
This combination made a very dark green juice, which to many (especially beginners) doesn't seem appetizing at all, but I assure you, it was delicious and so healthy! I call it mixed salad juice, just garnish with a couple apple slices and enjoy!

I have found that an easy way to keep juicing is to find new and interesting recipes to make.  Eventually you find your favourite fruit and veg combos and making them becomes second nature.
Want to try this challenge yourself?
I would love to hear your tips, favourite recipes, challenges, goals ... drop me a comment or two, or email me:
sarahlyn (dot) amaral (at) gmail (dot) com

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