Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Health Benefits I Learned about Juicing

I have been enjoying making juice and smoothies these days, so much so, that if I miss a day I really feel it! I can feel the benefits working so much that when I don't have a fresh smoothie in the morning or a freshly made juice in the afternoon I just don't feel good ... tired, slow, grumpy.  I knew juicing has so many benefits  but I really didn't appreciate them until I started drinking one every day.

Just ask holistic nutritionist extraordinaire and my friend, Marni Wasserman, drinking raw juice and smoothies "helps to improve your health and sustain a nutritious raw lifestyle. Eating a high percentage of raw fruits and vegetables contributes to high energy levels and faster recovery from illness…as well as a slower aging process."  That's what I like to hear.

I have felt higher energy levels myself during training. I always drink a smoothie or juice before every training session or race event.  It is a perfect meal option that will keep you going for hours and won't give you that heavy feeling inside.  And the best part, I don't feel like I am starving afterward and I hardly get any late-night cravings.  I eat a small healthy meal for dinner and I'm set.  As result, it's helping me lose weight (just a bonus side-effect that I try not too concern myself with really).

However, the real benefit is what juicing does for your health.  Sara Oulette from Beyond Vitality considers juicing " my own personal health insurance! As a competitive athlete and holistic nutritionist, I’d have to say that fruits and vegetables are definitely the key to optimal health, performance and longevity," and I couldn't agree more.

As a competitive athlete myself I have seen a huge improvement in my health and performance ever since I made juicing part of my regular routine.  What I appreciate most about it is that when I am pressed for time juicing helps me get all the nutrients I need, quickly and easily.  In fact, I am probably getting more nutrients, minerals and vitamins now then I did before. "[Juicing] permits us to get all the valuable micro-nutrients from fruits, and especially vegetables, that we would not be able to get through our daily diet. [It] gives us a concentrated dose of nutrients with minimal digestion required. It oxygenates and alkalizes our body to leave us feeling great," says Sara.

So, if you really need another good excuse to start drinking healthy fruit and veg juices or smoothies, just remember: it's good for you!

It's also a way healthier alternative to dessert ...

I really enjoyed making and drinking this delicious banana coconut cream pie smoothie. I will admit, I was skeptical at first about the combination of ingredients, but in the end it tasted divine.

Check out Blender Girl's website for more amazing smoothie recipes.


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