Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Farm Life Part I: Earth to Table

Recently, I quit my job.  Actually, I quit my job to work on an organic farm for a couple of months as an farm intern.  My job now, working in the field, harvesting, planting, weeding, processing, selling, and helping with animal chores, etc. etc. ... basically anything you need to do to run a small farm.  The experience so far has been so satisfying and amazing.  It is an experience that I would one day love to turn into a full time career.

The farm is ManoRun Organic farm, located in Copetown, Ontario.  Only a month in and it's already been a great learning experience, every day is different and every day I learn something new.  I've also been gaining the skills and confidence I need to someday run my own organic ... hopefully, someday soon!

One of my most favourite aspects of the farm are the animals! I especially love how happy I feel when I am around them and the bond I am creating with some of them.  That for me was expected however,  I always loved animals as a child and especially loved cows.  This is me with Trish, their dairy cow leading her out to pasture.

I also love all the wonderful produce we harvest every week and get to take home.  That was also a given though, I love fresh, organic food!

What I didn't except was the feeling I now get when I prepare and eat the food that I harvest with my own hands.  It's a feeling of true contentment and satisfaction.  I feel as though I have a deeper connection with my food right now, especially when I get to watch it grow, get to pick it, prepare it and then share it with friends and family, it's an amazing feeling.

I just love these pigs and had to show them off.  I never thought I could be so entertained by such an animal but I am, every time I see them. I love giving them treats (tomatoes) and watching how quicky they scarf them down, they really make a lot of noise too.  They're so curious and playful, but very shy and stick close together as a pack.

Pigs are like dogs really, but they just don't get the same attention or respect unfortunately. These pigs however, live very happy lives and it's great to be a part of that right now.

How connected are we to the food we eat?  If you asked me, not connected enough! I feel most people shop so mindlessly for their food, whether it's because they are just too busy, too broke or they don't care, most do not take the time to really see what is being put into their bodies or where it is coming from and how that might make a difference.

It could take something as simple as visiting a farmer's market once a week instead, or going directly to a farm, meeting the farmer and asking him questions to get more connected with your food.  Believe me when I say, and I speak from experience, that having a better understanding of what you put into your body and where it comes from can make a world of difference on your physical, mental and spiritual health.


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