Sunday, November 4, 2012

Be a Farmer, at Least Once in Your Life ...

... Because then I believe everyone would have a greater appreciation for their food and where it comes from.  At least I know that I do, especially now that I have experienced what it is like to be an organic farmer in Ontario.  My experience wasn't that long and wasn't even during the hottest days of Summer, but it was enough to learn that farming is very tough work and sometimes, with very little pay out.  The difference to me is, it's work worth doing, it's important work that at the end of the day you can feel good knowing that you are contributing something great to your community. You are part of something bigger ... the system of feeding cities! Farmers are so very important!

My experience working on ManoRun Organic Farm has made me more excited about the possibility of being a farmer myself one day.  I am excited, nervous, anxious, and eager to be part of a system that provides healthy, organic produce to people. Despite the struggles and back-breaking work, I still believe organic farming would be worth doing one day.

At least for now, it is an experience that I will take with me and cherish.  I have also made it my goal to be back farming in some shape or form next season.

I experienced a great bounty from ManoRun each week, one that tasted better then anything I ever bought at the grocery store.  Organic Farmer's markets are definitely the way to go for fresh, local produce.

I got to watch things grow, transform and take shape each week ...

...and die when the frost hit.  Experiencing the cycle of living plants from start to finish is pretty amazing.

One of my most favourite experiences of all, was meeting and interacting with some wonderful farm animals ... my favourite of course being, the cows.

I gained valuable farm and growing knowledge, and learned some new techniques.

Working with equipment, something up until now I pretty much never did, is something I got to do on the farm, experimenting with different farm machinery.

I got to watch new and exciting projects develop from start to finish, like ManoRun's new pond.

Although I never did witness the birth of these piglets, it was an amazing and beautiful surprise to see them the next morning, after weeks of of waiting and feeding their mama.

As a bonus, I also made some very good friends, people and pets!

For more information on how you can work on a farm:  


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